Chameleon Window Film on BMW and the Fitting Process

Chameleon is a multilayered, iridescent film, from the USA that we are trialling (or at least will be when we open again after the Covid-19 lockdown). You have probably seen iridescence in pearlescent paint jobs on cars before. You will also have seen it in soap bubbles. To achieve iridescence in a window film takes advanced US equipment and 200 layers of material (compare that to regular window film which usually has 3 or 4 layers). We fitted Cameleon to the windscreen of this G11 7 Series shortly before we had to close for the pandemic, and thought we’d show some of the process as well as the result.

For comparison, here is the original windscreen.
Offering the film to the glass. (Note the Chameleon branding – it is a very advanced film and there are some cheap, Chinese imitations that aren’t the same at all.)
Dry shrunk.
Wet shrunk and trimmed.
And fitted on the inside.