Frequently Asked Questions

Tinting cannot be done outside, due to wind and dust. We offer mobile to the motortrade only, provided a suitable workshop is available for us to use.

That really depends on the vehicle, but as a rough idea, tinting most cars takes 2-4 hours.

Prices vary as much as vehicles, so to get a quote for your particular vehicle please contact us.

That’s easy to answer with regards to the rear windows – in the UK all windows behind the driver have no law regarding tint level – so all levels of tint are perfectly legal. As for the front sides and windscreen, the simple answer is, ‘no tint is legal’. But the actual law is slightly more complicated, for details see Window Tinting UK Law.

Yes it is a film. Some people think there are other ways to tint windows, but there aren’t, not professionally.

The film goes beyond the edge of the visible glass and totally flush and smooth on the edge of the exposed side of a drop glass. So you will see no gaps or edges at all.

Some window tinters aren’t able to shrink film to very curved rear screens, and ‘splice’ two or more pieces together along the heater lines. We don’t. All our rear screens are done in one piece.

No. Your demister will work as well, or even better than before tinting.

The installation and the film itself are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

We only take glass out that needs to come out to get a perfect job. The quarter lights in the back doors of a few models need to come out.

Assuming your vision is ok, any tint above limo is fine. Limo is fine in day light, but can make seeing out harder at night, for example reversing in an area with no street lights.

Nope. No bubbles, no scratches, no creases, no ‘fingers’, no gaps, no joins, no dirt, no peeling. There will be a mottled appearance for a couple of days after installation while the film cures. This is normal, it is the remnants of the mounting solution and will totally clear.

We recommend regular glass cleaner and clean paper towels. Do not use an abrasive glass polish. Do not clean for a week after installation.

If you would like anything unusual, please contact us, and we will try to source the film you’re looking for.

No. We stay away from metalised films as they can interfere with reception.