Home Windows Solar 35 Heat Reduction

We took this photo half way through an installation, on a cloudy day, to demonstrate the difference Solar 35 makes to your view. As well as the desired effect of cutting out heat, it does also cut out approximately the same percentage of light (and gives an attractive hue), as can be seen in the difference between the windows on the right and left.

Solar 35 film on residential building

Home Windows Steel 35 Solar/Privacy Film

We Fitted Steel 35 film to all the windows on the front of this house. The customer wanted it for privacy, but also had the added advantage of heat and UV reduction. The Steel film has a more grey look than our standard solar film, which looks great with modern buildings with grey window frames.

Steel 35 Home Windows

Frost Film on Bay Windows

A popular alternative to net curtains on terraced houses is to put frost on the bottom half, as we have done with these bay windows. We stripped off some degraded vinyl film which the owners had fitted themselves last year. We fit window film rather than the vinyl film often sold online. Our window film looks better than vinyl, and our film and fitting is guaranteed for 10 years.

Charcoal 20 Tint on Car Dealership

We fitted a 20% tinted window film to the top half of these windows to reduce the headache-inducing sun glare for employees at desks around the showroom. The client obviously didn’t want to stop people seeing into the showroom from the outside, so we went for a charcoal 20 on the top half only, all the way around.

The white stripes you see on the windows are manifestations which were already there and required by law.

This was one of those jobs where being 6’8″ tall really came in handy.

Frost Film on Home Office Glass Doors

We put frost film on these four sliding glass doors to provide total privacy day and night, whilst not reducing the daylight into the room. Having frost means you cannot see in or out. You can however see out with silver film, which we applied to the single window here.

Frosted Window Film on Home Office

Conservatory 20% Solar Film

We installed a 20% solar film to the roof of this conservatory to dramatically reduce heat and glare. The total solar energy blocked by this film is 80%. The photo below is halfway through the job, the windows in the top right have not got film on them, so you can see the difference.

20% Silver Film on a Conservatory Roof

Residential 35% Solar/Privacy Window Film

We fitted 35% silver film for privacy on all the front facing downstairs windows of this home. 35% silver blocks 35% of visible light, so is more subtle than the more common 20% silver film. We usually recommend this more subtle film for home windows like this for aesthetic reasons. The film was fitted for privacy – an attractive alternative to net curtains. As a bonus, our film prevents the fading of carpets, upholstery, etc, as it blocks 99.9% UV. It also blocks around 65% of the sun’s heat.

Home Privacy Window Film